Does your home prepare emergency kits for disaster prevention?


  According to the Jiefang Daily, after the Wenchuan earthquake, ordinary citizens’ awareness of disaster prevention has increased.

  According to the mature experience of foreign countries, each household prepares a disaster prevention emergency box is an effective measure to meet the self-rescue needs of survivors and maximize the waiting time for rescue.

   In the “Earthquake Preparation Manual” issued by the California Earthquake Administration, the emergency kit lists for individuals and families are different.


   list of personal emergency kits: medicines, prescriptions, copies of medical cards, doctor information; first aid kits and first aid manuals; dust cover, non-rubber gloves, spare glasses; strong shoes, maps; emergency cash ; Bottled water, fast foods rich in water and calories; whistle (for help); flashlight (with extra battery and light bulb); personal hygiene products; copies of personal identification documents (driver’s license, ID card).

  Family emergency kit list: wrench (turn off gas and water), work gloves and protective glasses; strong plastic bag (for trash, or as a rain cloth); portable radio (with extra battery); flashlight; Drinking water, canned food; charcoal, gas, matches or lighters (for cooking in the wild); cooking utensils (including tools for opening cans); warm clothes and extra socks; blankets and sleeping bags, tents; important documents, such as insurance contracts, etc. .

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