Winter shoes and socks are too tight, but it is easy to freeze feet

Winter shoes and socks are too tight and will easily freeze your feet

  The sky is getting colder and colder. Keeping warm is undoubtedly the focus of life during this period. Some people think that if you pack yourself tightly and tightly, you will be warm.

   But in the eyes of experts, there are many misunderstandings here.

  Take footwear as an example. It is said that cold starts from the feet. Many people think that wearing footwear that wraps your feet tightly is the best way to keep warm. Dr. Wang Tiezheng from the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Beijing People’s Hospital told reporters that in fact, too tight footwear and socks can make it easier to freeze feet.

   This is because wearing too tight footwear will make the feet and legs feel “not breathable”, blood circulation will slow down, and the heat will not reach the feet effectively. As a result, the risk of frostbite on the feet is also increased.

  Some high-top boots will wrap the legs very tightly, which is not conducive to the blood circulation of the legs, so it is not conducive to keeping warm.

   heels are also exquisite. Wang Tiezheng especially reminded female friends that it is best not to pick heels that are too high or too thin when buying boots in winter. If the heel is higher than 4 cm, if it is thin, wearing it on the foot will put a lot of force on the sole of the foot. It will hinder the blood circulation of the sole of the foot, and the sole of the foot is the farthest part from the heart, so it is easy to freeze. Therefore, it is best to choose winter boots with a thicker heel and a height of less than 4 cm.

Winter shoes and socks are too tight and will easily freeze your feet

   is tightly wrapped in addition to the legs and feet, as well as the neck. Experts believe that it is important to keep your neck warm, but it is also important to have a good sense of measure. There is a sweater with a very tall and thick collar that can even pile up several layers on the neck. Wang Tiezheng advises everyone not to wear it because the neck is too tight. Although it is windproof, it will compress the carotid sinus. Obstructing the blood supply to the brain can easily cause dizziness and nausea.

  In addition to the feet and neck, another important point to keep warm in winter is the head. There is a view that you should freeze your head and warm your feet in winter. Wang Tiezheng reminded that most of the human body’s heat is emitted from the head, so people who are afraid of cold should not resist it, especially the elderly and children. Remember to wear them when you go out. hat. When the wind is strong, you can choose a thick hat to block the wind, such as a leather hat.

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