Use pads with caution to prevent itching of the genitals

Use cushions carefully to prevent itching of the vulva

  The compact sanitary pad is easy to use and is very popular among women. Some people even use it every day except during menstruation, and most users don’t feel like changing the pad when using it. Sanitary napkins are so diligent.

   usually only use one per day for more than 12 hours. The doctor said that this actually has a big hidden danger, but different people can treat it differently.

  Western medicine: sanitary pads are not suitable for long-term use

   There should be no problem with healthy women using sanitary pads every day, but there are also hidden dangers: most of the pads have a layer of plastic at the bottom, which has poor air permeability, which can easily cause moisture and sweat in the genitals, which can cause pathogenic bacteria to grow. Long-term non-replacement of sanitary pads will greatly increase local humidity and temperature, especially in hot flash climates, which not only creates suitable conditions for the growth of bacteria and fungi, but also destroys the pH of the vagina and reduces The local protective barrier function can cause vaginitis, genital itching and so on. In addition, the friction of the sanitary pad can easily cause damage to the local skin or hair follicles, and diseases such as vulvar folliculitis. Therefore, the sanitary pad should not be used for a long time. The idea that the use of the pad does not need to clean the part every day is even wrong.

  Some women use pads mainly to cope with excessive secretions and peculiar smell of lower body. He suggested that if there are people with similar conditions, they may have some diseases in their bodies. At this time, they should go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

  Western medical advice:

   1. In summer, people are prone to sweating. Try not to use sanitary pads when unnecessary.

  2, some sanitary pads with additives or fragrances, for some people, may increase the probability of allergies.

  3. When using sanitary pads, you should also pay attention to timely replacement, so as not to affect the acid-base environment adjustment of the female lower body.

Use cushions with caution to prevent itching of the vulva

  Chinese medicine advice:

  1, sanitary pads should be based on work

  Replacement according to environment, nature, season, physical condition: When the secretion is small, basically one a day is enough; it should be replaced in time when the weather is hot or when work is stressful and sweating frequently. In short, it is good that women’s vulva can be kept clean, dry and breathable for a long time.

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