Do you really use hand sanitizer?

  People have realized that hand washing is not a trivial matter. It is related to our physical health and plays an extremely important role in disease prevention. Therefore, it is necessary to persist in “hand washing” as a good hygiene habit. However, relevant experts warned that the quality of the hand sanitizers currently on the market varies from good to bad. When purchasing hand sanitizers, consumers must see whether they have sterilization signs.

   hand sanitizer is divided into two categories, one is ordinary hand sanitizer, and the other is disinfection product. The former plays a role in cleaning and decontamination, while the latter contains effective ingredients that are antibacterial, antibacterial or sterilizing. The two types of hand sanitizers are different in their outer packaging. Common hand sanitizers are generally “quasi-type”, and disinfectant hand sanitizers are mostly “elimination-type”. Hand sanitizers are generally free of phosphorus, aluminum, alkali, sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate and other ingredients. They use the principle of mild decontamination and are easily accepted by the skin.

   Use hand sanitizer to wash your hands carefully. Fully moisten your hands with clean water first, take an appropriate amount of hand sanitizer, and rub your palms and hands for at least 30 seconds. During this process, be careful to rub your fingertips and finger joints, and let the foam cover all parts of your hands.

   After kneading, rinse with running water. Finally, pay attention to dry with a clean dry towel or paper towel. It is best not to dry, because the rapid volatilization of surface water will cause partial dehydration of the skin, causing the skin to dry and become rough.

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