Women must be particular about wearing bras

   bra is one of the essential conditions for women. It not only protects the health of the breasts, but also helps to modify the body shape. However, the improper use of the bra gradually turned it into a woman’s “killer” role. Let’s take a look at the inside story of the matter.

   Once upon a time, the bra, which was a close friend of a woman’s boudoir, became a health “killer”. For this reason, countries like France and the United States that advocate freedom have also launched an initiative to throw away their bras.

  ”The reason why bras have become women’s’special pets’ is to prevent sagging breasts on the one hand; on the other hand, they are needed for body fitness.” Xu Hong, deputy director of the breast department of the Armed Police General Hospital, told Life Times Reporter, “But unfortunately, more and more women are hurting their breasts because of uncomfortable bras. It can be said that bras have become one of the important causes of breast disease.”

   In Xu Hong’s opinion, there are many misunderstandings in modern women wearing bras: the wrong size will cause long-term pressure on the breasts and poor blood circulation; when wearing a bra, the habit of supporting the breast will destroy its natural state. Affect the metabolic function; choose a bra with underwire just to block the part of lymphatic reflux; the light picture is beautiful and does not look at the material, so that the breasts are in a confined space for many years and cannot breathe fresh air. “Don’t be careless, as time goes by, these will become the’fuse’ for breast diseases such as breast hyperplasia, mastitis and even breast cancer, causing unimaginable harm to women.” Therefore, Xu Hong suggested wearing it. Bras should follow the following principles.

   First of all, it is not advisable to wear a bra for too long, no more than 8 hours a day, let alone sleep with a bra. You can do more chest expansion exercises or raise your upper limbs when you are fine to promote blood circulation.

   Next, choose cotton. Chemical fiber bras are prone to skin allergies and have poor air permeability. When a person is active, the bra will constantly rub the nipples, and the fibrous filaments in the bra can easily enter the breast through the nipples. Over time, it will block the breast and nipples and induce breast diseases.

   Again, choose a loose bra, preferably one size bigger than your own breasts. Wearing a bra that is too small or tight for a long time will affect local blood and lymphatic circulation and induce various breast diseases.

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