The perfect criterion for girls to choose underwear

  Underwear is the clothing that is closest to us, and it is a necessary weapon to maintain our beautiful body. Many girls know that they have to choose an underwear that suits them in their daily life. But do you really know how to choose the health knowledge of this mysterious feminine product? If you choose the wrong one, how will it affect us? Let’s take a look at it together.

  A good underwear can not only make your figure more perfect, but also give you a bonus point for your health. But how much do you know about it?

  The closer the underwear is, the more it hurts you

   Women’s breast disease is a common disease in gynecology. Generally speaking, there is no risk, but once the disease is affected, it can also develop into breast cancer. Breast cancer is a common malignant tumor for women, and the incidence of breast cancer in my country has also ranked first among women’s malignancies. But did you know that wearing a bra improperly is also prone to breast disease, so it is important to develop a good underwear wearing habit and choose the correct size.

   Breast Cancer

   There are 15-20 main breast ducts in the breast, and there are one to four small ducts under the main duct in different parts of the breast. A study in the United States pointed out: Wearing a bra for a long time can compress the breasts, which not only affects breast development, but also causes blood circulation disorders, poor lymphatic circulation, and easy breast cancer. Although women’s favorite underwire bras can make women’s breasts “stiff”, when worn on the breasts for a long time, it will compress the breasts and change the already fragile breast tissue. There will be lesions, or inflammation, or even breast cancer.

   affects the heart

  Too tight underwear will compress the heart, lungs, and large blood vessels, causing microcirculation disturbances and poor blood flow to the internal organs of the body. The normal gas exchange of the human body depends on the coordination and cooperation of chest breathing and abdominal breathing. Excessively tight underwear will affect the chest breathing, making the chest not fully expanded, and the lung tissues cannot be fully stretched due to microcirculation disorders , The amount of inhaled air is reduced, which affects the oxygen supply of the whole body.

   Damaged skin

   Wearing tight underwear on the body will affect the microcirculation of the body surface, which is not conducive to the health of the skin. It will cause abnormal epidermal microcirculation, stasis of the pores, and the skin cannot exchange with the outside air normally, and even block the pores. It is hyperpigmentation, local pigment spots, pimples and so on.

  Partial relaxation

   Under normal circumstances, human muscles have the ability to contract, but if you wear tight underwear for a long time, the muscles can contract without relying on their own ability, and they will gradually “become lazy”, and pressure will cause blood flow. Decrease, the nutrient of the muscles decreases, resulting in a decrease in muscle contraction ability. Therefore, wearing tight underwear for a long time will cause local muscles and skin to become more and more loose.


  How to calculate the cup size

   cup size = bust-lower bust

  10cm=A cup 13cm=B cup

  15cm=C cup 18cm=D cup

  20cm=E cup

   bra size=under bust size

   For example: the bust is 83 cm, the lower bust is 70 cm, you should wear a 70B bra

   Perfect Bra’s 6 criteria survey shows that 80% of women are wearing bras of the wrong size. If you wear the wrong size bra for a long time, it will not only cause breast problems, but also chronic headaches, back pain, and breathing. Difficulties and rashes. How to check whether the underwear is suitable? The following 6 criteria must be kept in mind.

  1 The lower bust is stable and will not slide, and the level of the front and back remains the same. If the lower bust slides up and down or the front and rear heights are different, it may be that the size of the lower bust is not appropriate, and the shoulder straps are too tight or too loose.

   The upper edge of the 2 cups is attached to the breast. If the upper brim of the cup is tied to the breast, or is loose, it means that the size of the cup is not appropriate!

  3 The middle of the two cups fit on the chest. If the middle of the cup does not fit on the chest, it means that the depth of the cup is not enough! Some women often deliberately buy underwear with a smaller cup in order to make the cleavage more obvious. This is a very wrong concept and practice! Wearing underwear with insufficient Cup for a long time, It is easy to cause the chest to expand and deform!

  4 The nipple is aligned with the apex of the cup. If the nipples cannot be aligned with the apex of the cup, then the tailoring of this underwear is not suitable for your breast shape, so hurry up and try on the next one.

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