Many unsanitary factors of toilet paper

  Toilet paper is no stranger to many people, because toilet paper has almost become an indispensable product in our lives, but many of us still have misunderstandings about toilet paper, thinking that toilet paper only needs “white spots, soft Point, thicker”, the quality is good. In fact, there are many unsanitary factors in toilet paper.

  (1) The color is too white: In order to cater to consumers’ psychology and increase the whiteness of paper, some manufacturers use fluorescent whitening agents in production, and fluorescent whitening agents are a compound with carcinogenic effects Organic compounds; The second is the use of a large amount of bleaching powder, which causes serious damage to the internal fibers of the paper. The tension of the paper is particularly small and weak, and the amount used is significantly increased.

  (2) Adding talc powder: In order to reduce costs, some production units add talc powder in the production process of toilet paper. In order to improve the retention rate of talc powder, starch is added at the same time, which causes the weight of toilet paper, small appearance, and price Cheap but very difficult to use.

  (3) There is a peculiar smell: Some manufacturers use wheat straw and tertiary household waste paper as the raw materials for toilet paper production. The bacteria are seriously exceeding the standard, and a lot of chemicals have to be used for disinfection, but no matter what measures are adopted, the paper cannot be removed. The peculiar smell in the product will cause many diseases after consumers use it.

  (4) Puffing: In order to increase the volume of paper, some manufacturers add a large amount of puffing agent to the raw materials like popcorn. The volume of toilet paper produced is particularly large, which creates an illusion for consumers-“this kind of toilet paper They are large in quantity and soft”, but the effect is particularly poor when used, the pulling force is very small, and there is almost no water absorption.

   Therefore, when consumers buy “toilet paper”, they should raise their self-protection awareness and do “four look”: ① Look at the product packaging: whether the hygiene license number and factory address, zip code, contact phone number are indicated, and whether there are any implementation standards Etc.; ②Look at the color: pure wood pulp has no additives, the color is natural ivory white, and the texture is relatively uniform;

  ③Look at the endurance strength: the pure wood pulp paper has long fibers, large tensile force, good toughness, and is not easy to break; while the inferior quality paper has irregular holes and powder; ④see the result of the fire: good toilet paper After burning, it looks like white ash, while inferior toilet paper becomes black and gray after burning.

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