Use plastic wrap to resist cold and cause skin problems

   wearing too much, bloated, wearing less and cold

   Xiao Wu is 25 years old this year. After graduating from university, he joined an advertising company in Jiangbei as a customer service manager. From the day he went to work, it has become a compulsory course for Xiao Wu to dress himself up every day.

   “A windbreaker, shorts or a short skirt are my favorite outfits.” Xiao Wu said that it was raining two days ago and she felt a bit cold, so she wore a winter cotton coat. As a result, as soon as she arrived at the office , My colleague Xiaofang came over and said, “Oh, why are you bloated like a ball?”

   “At that time, I must have been depressed and miserable. I don’t know what to say.” Now that the temperature is lowering day by day, Xiao Wu is starting to worry. “My colleague said that I am like a ball if I wear too much. What should I do if I wear less and cold?”

  The secret weapon for keeping warm is plastic wrap

   Last month, Xiao Wu saw a video on the Internet called “How to keep warm with plastic wrap”. The rate of reposting on the Internet is extremely high. Many netizens who love beauty have started discussions and concluded a warmth “The trick” is to use plastic wrap to keep warm.

   “I only heard that wrapping in plastic wrap can help lose weight, but I didn’t expect it to have the effect of keeping warm. It really serves multiple purposes!” Xiao Wu, who learned of this good solution, suddenly felt that he had found a savior. From that day on, Xiao Wu got up early every morning and wrapped a few layers of thin plastic wrap on his belly, thighs and knees, and then put on thicker pantyhose. Not only did he move freely, but he couldn’t see it at all.

   “Since I wrapped the cling film, I felt that the temperature of the’heat preservation’ part of the body increased significantly. It is much easier to use than warm babies and fleece pantyhose.” With this “secret weapon”, Xiao Wu Start wearing short skirts and tights every day again! However, the good times did not last long. After a week, Xiao Wu’s waist, abdomen and legs were covered with dense small red rashes, and it was itchy and swollen. Xiao Wu was terrified…

   wrapped in plastic wrap causes allergiesdermatitis

Hao Fei, director of the Department of Dermatology, Southwest Hospital, said that it is extremely undesirable to use plastic wrap to keep warm, and Xiao Wu’s rash is caused by allergic dermatitis caused by wrapping plastic wrap.

  ”Cling film is a kind of toxic chemicals, which can easily cause contact dermatitis, especially for allergic skin.” Director Hao said that people’s skin is prone to lack of water and dryness in winter, and care is not taken. Dry itching often occurs. For example, Xiao Wu still wraps a completely airtight cling film on the outside and uses it to wrap his body for a long time. Since the cling film is not breathable, sweat cannot be volatilized through the evaporation effect, which will inevitably cause urea, salt and other ingredients to adhere to the human body. The skin is irritating to the skin. After a long period of time, it is easy to induce skin diseases, such as itching and allergies.

   Director Hao suggested that girls should not use this kind of heat preservation method without scientific basis. In winter, it is best to choose cotton underpants or warm pants with good air permeability and soft texture, so as to keep warm and healthy.

  The scientific method of winter protection for women

   Soak your feet before going to bed, exercise moderately, and eat tonic.

   What methods should women take to keep out the cold in winter?

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