Bacteria on touch screen phones should be disinfected regularly

   Weibo has recently become popular: touch-screen phones are 18 times dirty than men’s toilets in colleges and universities. Chen Xiaobei, deputy chief physician of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Wuhan University People’s Hospital, said that touch-screen mobile phones are indeed a medium for the spread of germs. For people who frequently use mobile phones, it is more reliable to disinfect the “love phone” on a regular basis.

   Sina Weibo recently reported that the research report published by Stanford University showed that bacteria samples collected from 30 mobile phones showed that the amount of bacteria and viruses in touch screen phones was 18 times that of men’s toilets in colleges and universities.

  Chen Xiaobei said that it is not clear how the amount of germs on the touch screen phones mentioned in Weibo is counted. But mobile phones do carry a lot of germs. Because mobile phones are an indispensable communication tool for modern people; especially touch-screen mobile phones are the main models used by young people. Every day, the hand will be in contact with the mobile phone for a period of time; over a long period of time, the mobile phone will retain the germs that the user has touched or carried, such as Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, and influenza viruses.

   If you wipe your eyes or rub your nose with your mobile phone, or take food if you don’t clean it, you may bring the germs on your mobile phone into your body. Mobile phones have actually become a means or medium for the transmission of germs.

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